Why Staging Works:

Staged homes photograph better, peaking potential buyers interest and driving more traffic. Professional staging also helps make your property appeal to a broader audience by giving it a non-personal yet welcoming appearance. Each home has its unique features that make it special; the job of the staging is to highlight those features and show off its character. When an empty property is staged it becomes a home that buyers can see themselves living in, instead of just a blank canvas. 

Proper furniture placement shows off the homes potential and highlights its architectural features.

Setting the Stage to Sell Your Home Today!



​95% of ASP staged homes sell in 29 days or less. ​The average time on market is 11 days or less vs. 90 days on the market for non-staged homes.
Your home will photograph beautifully, standing out above online competition.​
​​Staging cost can be used as a tax deduction for sellers and staging’s ROI is, on average, about 586 percent.